Our Danish client's idea sounded like this:
«Can you imagine how cool would it be if we gave a free access to all the camping places across Europe through the app?».
We were really excited and went for it!

Our solution

We set our client for the MVP which should prove his concept on the market.
Crafting cool visual styles and having fun with custom map generation.

List of places.

All the necessary information about any spot is presented in the list view - distance, location benefits, and opportunity to add it to your favorites as well.

To plunge into a place you got interested in, open a card and read the detailed description. Also, we provided contact information for your convenience.

Route building.

Since the first release, we have changed the menu. Now it includes only three most important functions, reordered according to the frequency of use. You can easily switch between map and list view in the upper right corner of the screen.

Saved stars.
Functional search.

To find the most suitable location we enabled advanced search. Choose your location preferences, and in one click you’ll get all the appropriate camping spots.

Not going camping right now? Save the spot and build the route later.

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